Monday, November 4, 2013

SPCA Gala Fundraiser

I had the honour of being hired to capture the SPCA's 5th annual gala fundraiser this past weekend and in the true spirit of the event, donated my fee back to the animals - one look at those big puppy dog eyes and the videos they showed and there was no way I could even think of accepting the cheque. It's good for everyone to have a few select causes they donate their time to and as an animal lover, the SPCA is one of mine.

For those wishing to purchase the Red Carpet photos or the candids taken during the night, or even if you just want to have a look at them, please visit my marketing site located at:
Glenna Turnbull Photography on Zenfolio
From there you can directly order your digital photos and have them emailed to your inbox, no fuss, no muss :)

And should you ever want a pet portrait done, I do specialize in capturing pets. I've done a lot of work with dogs in particular over the years and believe me, you'll love a canvas print of your dog!

A big WOOF to al the amazing volunteers that made this event such a huge success.

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