Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ballet Kelowna dancers were back dancing in Orchard Park Mall over the weekend so I stopped by to do some photos for their website. I thought this one summed it up perfectly as you can see the other two gentleman in the background and the heads of some of the spectators.

It's been killing me to sit on the Ballet Kelowna photos without sharing them, but I'm working on their calendar right now and as soon as I have the green light, will post some up here and on my Facebook photography page. For now, here's this one and one more from the mall.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Jesse Cook was back in Kelowna last week for a concert at Mission Hill Winery and as always, put on a fabulous show. I've seen him live many times - first was when he headlined at Salmon Arm Roots & Blues on the Friday night, 2001, then in Vernon a couple of times, but the one show that will forever stand out will be the night I went home with the band at Kaslo Jazz Festival a few years back. No, it's not what it sounds like... let me explain...

I was supposed to meet some friends at the festival but when I got there, discovered there was no cell service. I looked for them all day and never did find them. THere was not a campground spot to had within 50 kilometers or more and as the began to set i realized I'd probably end up having to sleep in my car.

During Jesse's show, i was shooting it (shot on my website under music) when his manager came over and asked if I wanted to meet the band after the show. Of course I said no...

Well, there I was sitting backstage sipping a beer with Jesse and the band (what awesome, awesome people!) and when I finished, I made a comment about having to sleep in my car. "Don't be silly," they said, "we've got an entire heli-ski lodge to ourselves, you can come sleep there with us." Of course, I said no...

Funniest part was Jesse's manager Darryl didn't have a jacket so I loaned him my baby pink coloured hoodie to wear. As he hopped onto his Harley to ride to the lodge he looked around and made a comment that he could potentially get beaten up for this.

I ended up sharing a room (it's okay, Mom, I had my own bed) with Jesse's guitar player at the time, Dominic. Truly a gentleman. As for Jesse, he said he had sunk to an all time low that evening as someone had given him a can of beans to autograph.