Monday, April 25, 2011

Wow, have I been negligent in blogging! Yikes! I guess I've just been a little too slammed under and because I have been using Facebook more frequently, I sort of forget to blog. Bad, bad, bad...

What's been keeping me busy? Besides some theatre shoots and family portraits, I got to shoot Royal Winnipeg Ballet when they were in town - I was permitted to shoot from the wings, which is always exciting! Of course, it's a huge challenge as not only can you not trust your light meter, but you have to stay out of the way of the dancers who zip on and off stage at lightning speed.

I also was lucky enough to shoot a 10 hour old baby boy, the pregnancy shots just a few days before his birth, and a follow up at 10 days old. I will try to get some of those posted as well, however should you wish, you can find many more by searching me out on Facebook under Glenna Turnbull Photography. For now, enjoy this one of Alice and the White Rabbit from RWB's Wonderland!