Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There is nothing like a newborn baby to turn any woman into mush. Whether it's the wisdom you see in their eyes or the peacefulness as they sleep, these tiny little beings are nothing short of magical and every time I get the honour to photograph one, I marvel at their beauty.

Welcome to the world, Liam!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I was once again fortunate enough to get a trip to preview Cirque du Soleil for an upcoming show they will have in Penticton. The show, Dralion, was playing in Abbotsford and I had the chance to go see it and shoot for the Kelowna paper.

It was simply stunning!!!!!

I have lots of wonderful pictures but for some reason, this one just caught my eye first, perhaps because you can see the slight movement in his left leg so you know he's in motion.

The costumes are stunning, the music amazing and the acts are, well, they're Cirque, need I say more? I hope to get more posted soon.

What fun, I shot my first wedding at Sparkling Hill Resort last weekend - what a great setting! I was thankful for my sunglasses as my eyes welled up and over several times during this heartfelt ceremony that included a Sand Ceremony, with the white sand representing God, and different coloured sands representing the bride, groom and their children. They started with the white sand, each poured their own colour, then the bride and groom poured together and finished with white on top. It was just so beautiful!

Congratulations Deanna and Mark!!!!