Friday, August 27, 2010

I've had a couple of people ask to see more of the Cirque images so here are a few more.

The clowns are simply spectacular in this performance and the gymnasts in the power track are absolutely mind blowing. Whoever choreographed the power track must have been a genius or a sadist just waiting for an accident to happen. It is unbelievable the way they go, across the stage on trampoline strips shaped like an "X".

It was definitely one of the highlights of the first half of the show.

more photos to come soon... plus the latest Ballet Kelowna shoot - WOW!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a fabulous week this has been. I started off by shooting for Ballet Kelowna (photos to come) and then was asked by Cirque du Soleil to come in and shoot some shots for them to use.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a certifed Cirque-a-holic and so the thought of getting paid not only by the local paper but by Cirque as well to come in and shoot was kind of like getting my ultimate dream job.

First they flew me to Edmonton to shoot the show there, and then they asked me to come back and shoot for them again in Kelowna last night. YIPEEE!!!!

The show is fantastic and if anyone is fence sitting on whether or not to buy tickets, my suggestion would be DEFINITELY go. I bought my own tickets to take my kids the day they went on sale, not knowing I would have already seen the show twice before our ticket date, but honestly I just can't wait to see the show again - especially as I will get to just sit back and watch with both eyes.

One of the shots they wanted goes on the cover of the Kamloops This Week that comes out Friday, here's the link:


Monday, August 23, 2010

What a blast at Salmon Arm Roots & Blues festival. It's always a good time.

It was, however, the first time I've ever actually been scared shooting a show. I don't know if you've ever seen where they put the photographers but it's between the fence and the stage. At this show, they had to ask everyone to please stop pushing and said K'NAAN wouldn't come on until everyone moved back. I looked at the thousands of people pushing on the fence and I looked at the tiny space between the fence and stage and realized, one good shove and I was going to get popped like a zit between the fence and stage. So, I just got my shot and got the heck out of there, back to the blanket on the grass with my friends. Of course once there, I could not resist taking this second shot of a kid at his first concert. I gave his dad my email address - hope I hear from them so I can pass the shot on as a keepsake.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a refreshingly fun couple Alex and Chris were to shoot! The bridal party was lots of fun, with a brides "person" as well as bridesmaids and the whole day was filled with fun surprises.

They lined the aisle with lemons and limes and used succulents instead of flowers. The groom and men had boutineers made from hot chili peppers and the flower girl had lemons and limes instead. They even used their dogs as part of the wedding party. What a lot of fun!

Congratulations Alex and Chris!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I got to shoot Kelowna singer Leah West on the weekend.

She was performing at Kerry Park as part of the Parks Alive! program.

It's always fun to shoot a beautiful singer! She recently made headlines in Europe because someone swiped one of her songs, translated it and entered it into a contest. Someone else figured it out and as a result, she's being sought after by people in Europe.

Funny how life has a way of turning things around for us all.